Saturday, December 11, 2010

Post-Shattering Screenshots

Blasted Lands has a Hot New Orc Fortress!

Many of the zones were entirely changed with Deathwing burst out of the Elemental Plane of Earth. Consequently, many quests changed. A lot of them were revamped or the quest givers were moved to a more logical location. A whole slew of new ones were added. But the biggest change for me is that the breadcrumb quests have been altered en masse. Instead of someone suggesting that you move to the next hub or zone, there will often be some sort of transportation to get you there. This is especially true with the lowbie quests.

So far the only non-starter zone i've done fully is the Northern Barrens. The whole place is very much on rails. It's not a bad thing, it's a lot more coherent as well as more streamlined. However there is a definite progression, and you need to be following it. The quests are quite well done and do actually flow rather well, as well as have some great quest text.

No I'm not going to tell what the steamboat is for or how you get to ride it. You'll just have to do the quests! Its a fun ride though. :D

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