Monday, December 20, 2010

Gear Rant

I was trying to write up a few impressions on Vashj'ir and Deepholm, the only two zones we've finished fully. I've got those posts half done, but the rest of them will have to wait. I kept having to go back and edit out rantyness. So I figured that I would just get the rant out of my system now.


It's been just under two weeks since Cataclysm came out. Mornara and Kuanchichi hit 85 on Sunday around noon-ish. Considering that we didn't take any time off of work during this time, I think we leveled pretty speedily. We have been doing professions, messing about a bit with archaeology, and playing alts. Eeyan, Teltanara, Ikoli, and Viljo are all 81 plus change, and they have been working on their professions too.

In short we haven't been rushing, but we have been making steady progress. And more importantly we have been having fun.

When I hit 85 I don't expect to be greeted with "hurry up and gear so we can run heroics".

I play WoW because it is fun. Not to get crap about speed of level or quality of gear. I'm not trying for server first or guild first or anything like that. I just want to relax and kill stuff. Or heal. Or tank.

If you give me shit about not being geared enough so that I can come play with you, you will go on my goddamn ignore list. You will stay on my ignore list until, at minimum, I feel like I am geared enough. Maybe, maybe, I will take you off when I can comfortably run heroics or raids.

WoW is a multi-player game. It is fine to ask if people want to do stuff with you, or if you can do stuff with them. However, if you give them shit when they are doing things at their own pace, you show that you think it is a single-player game and that you think everyone else is there solely to cater to your needs. I don't want that. I'm not going to fucking take that.

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