Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Darkfall went into ICC tonight with a 10man raid. It was simultaneously frustrating and a cakewalk. The normal modes were way easy, and we had people who didn't care about either heroics or achieves. So we got the first 6 bosses on heroic, and then people wimped out when we wiped once on heroic Putricide. And there were a few people who through either malice or mistakes messed up some achieves. But we did get On a Boat and Portal Jockey so it wasn't a total loss. We also actually managed to kill Sindragosa on our first try despite having two people who'd never seen the fight before.

But, best of all, we killed Arthas the Lich King.

Our first try was not so great with people not letting me get the adds. So both me and the warrior tank, Wian, were obliterated by the disease during the transition to phase two.

Our second try was much better until we got to the second transition. Then a bad frost orb knocked 2 of our 3 heals and several dps off of the edge. Only Kuanchichi was left to heal, and Kuan was out of mana. So Wian went down, and a few more dps dropped. I grabbed Arthas and started tanking and kiting the spirits. Between my plentiful uses of cooldowns, self-heals, and the few heals that Kuan was able to toss my way I managed to stay alive for the next 10% or 15% of Arthas' health. Kuanchichi was super healer and even managed to toss heals on the only other remaining dps, so there was someone around to actually do damage. Miraculously we managed to bring Arthas to that magical 10% of his health where he decides to stop messing about and just oneshot us all. And then Tirion did his kill stealing thing and we won. The cut scene was also excellent.

I'll have screen shots and dialogue up later. It was pretty awesome.

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