Sunday, December 12, 2010

Horde Friction

Garrosh is stirring up a lot of unrest within the Horde. He insults Sylvanas and all the undead. He killed Cairne. He exiled Vol'jin and made him so angry he swore to kill Garrosh. I don't think Garrosh has managed to piss off the Blood Elves yet, but I can't tell if that is because he hasn't tried or because they still think it's worth their while to use the Horde. I'm really not sure why the goblins joined the horde, or what Garrosh's motivation was for inviting them. Especially when Garrosh is so xenophobic he got rid of the Trolls and the Tauren, the Orc's oldest allies.

But as you can see Garrosh's attitude has entirely filtered through the orcs. They don't really trust any of the other Horde races. And if you're not entirely with Garrosh, you're clearly against him...

Stupid stupid Garrosh. /scowl

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