Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Pre-Cata Screenshots

With summer and end of expansion doldrums the server population drastically shifted towards horde. I'm not sure if it has shifted back fully, but it certainly seems a bit more balanced since the Shattering.

A number of our 80s got the Pilgrim's Bounty achieves and meta achieve.

Mornara didn't hit level 80 until well after ICC was out, so we had to go back special to get the Naxx achieve for her. It was done as part of an 8-man achieve run. Rather fun all told.

We managed to get all of our level 80 characters the pre-Shattering achieve. Basically if you helped defend the home cities you'd get this achieve by default.

I'm very sad that the 4.0 patch removed many keys. All of the Azeroth keys are gone now. The only keys left are the Outland and Northrend ones. The Keymaster achieve is entirely gone as well.

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