Friday, December 10, 2010

the Plan

We decided our expansion plan Tuesday evening, but I didn't post it becuase work sort of interfered with execution here.

As Clara already posted, except without precise nouns, Kuanchichi and Mornara went to Vashj'ir, since that's where the shamany folks wanted Kuan to go. Eeyan and Teltanara, who neither yet have Crusader nor the Icecrown questing achieve because we are slackers, have been parked in Icecrown to work on those. And Viljo and Ikoli are parked in Orgrimmar, they will go to Hyjal per the Warlord's command board.

How we are trading off on these we're not yet sure, nor have we tried any PvP since Cataclysm dropped. Kuan and Mornara are already 81 and all 6 are building up rest. We've been basically trying to get Eeyan and Telt some dailies and a handful of non daily Icecrown quests in before bed. However becuase guild rep apparently trumps any other rep quests could give, Eeyan might not get his last Exalted rep from the Valiant dailies. Viljo and Ikoli have been cooling their heels. I imagine it will all pick up after today, when we'll have more time.

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