Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vashj'ir Impressions

Vashj'ir is a water zone with three sub-zones. The entire thing is all underwater. Early on you get a water-breathing and swim-speed buff to help out with what would normally be a rather hostile environment. You also get a mount.

Mornara is borrowing someone else's mount here. Her own mount is similar but different colored.

One giant suggestion I have for this zone, if you are with other people, is to USE RAID MARKERS. I can not remember the number of times in the early part of the zone when Kuan and Mornara were swimming about and trying to find each other.

"I'm over here."
"Where? By the big seaweed?"
"No by the shipwreck to the East."
"I can't go any farther East."
"Er, shipwreck to the West. I got turned around!"

Then I put charms on our heads, and we could find each other. Of course we still never knew where the other one was since we both were darting off to grab herbs and ore whenever the map lit up. And having druids ninja all the nodes. Stupid Night Elf druids.

All of the subzones were pretty well done. Vashj'ir, unsurprisingly, is very naga centric. I liked the naga quests and I liked that the same NPCs followed you through the whole zone.

The last quest or two of the zone was pretty annoyingly bugged. It involved a sub and some cut scenes and a battle. But it wouldn't happen if any other player zoned into the sub while you were there... Fortunately they fixed that and we finally finished the zone.

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