Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Though I much prefer tanking, Mornara does have two talent specializations. Obviously the blood tree (tanking tree) is my favorite. However, I do enjoy the unholy (dps) tree as well.

The unholy tree is all about diseases and pets. Yes, pets. Now in the normal course of things I'm really not someone who likes pets in WoW. My experiences with my hunter has taught me that my pet is going to run off somewhere random and attack a mob two or three packs away. And then bring all those very angry mobs back to me... And don't even get me started on warlocks, or, even worse, frost mages.

But Unholy! I like it! I drop diseases on everything in sight, smack people in the face with a large weapon, and fire death coils at anything in sight. My ghoul swats who I tell him (or her) to swat. As often I can, I supersize him (or her), and he (or she) swats them harder.

I'm not really sure of my ghoul's gender because I'm not really sure of my ghoul's name. Yes, yes, I should notice these things. Its only the undead creature that I've ripped from the earth and commanded to serve me. I ought to learn his or her name. It's only common decency to do so.

But it's a different ghoul almost every time, I tell you. The undead creature doesn't stick around. Often, it bites the dust in a rather painful fashion, since I'm usually unholy in the arena. But sometimes the ghoul just fades out as I swap specs.

And that's leaving entirely alone the issue of the names these ghouls choose. Rootgrinder? Bonechomp? Braintaker? Limbface? Ratripper? Batchomp? These names are neither memorable nor inspiring. All I can do is wonder what the ghouls were doing before I summoned them to my side.

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