Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Icecrown Citadel 10 achieves

Monday night I took our fun raid to ICC for normal mode achieves. We didn't do anything on heroic. All we did was the ICC 10 Drake Achieve for every boss.

Well, almost every boss. We started a bit late, so the raid only formed up at 9:30. We got the achieve for every boss up to LK, though not every one need every achieve. In fact, I think most people were only missing at most six or seven achieves. But they were spread out over about 10 bosses.

Most of the achieves were rendered pretty trivial. With the massive health, damage, and healing buffs that we've all gotten from Cata things would have been pretty easy. When you add the 30% ICC buff on top of that some things were just silly. Mornara for example, had 226k health. I remember being really happy when I got her to 30k health in the middle of Wrath...

However, the Sindragosa achieve was NOT trivial. Her frost tombs are still pretty fatal. I think they do a percentage of your total health as damage while you're in them. Also, her achieve is All You Can Eat, which is to make sure that no one gets more than 5 stacks of the mystic buffet debuff.

It was brutal. We went with a 3 tank setup: Mornara, Wian, and Earthen, just so we'd have a little bit of leeway for stack dropping. There was at least one time where we had to wipe because I got pulled in for biting cold right before I could hide behind a frost tomb and drop my stacks. :(

We also had a fair number of unintentional wipes where multiple people got tombed. Either someone didn't see the mark on their head and tombed the entire group hiding behind the current tomb, or the previous tomb hadn't been broken out yet and we had a 3rd tomb up. And then, usually the person in the first tomb would die.

But we persevered! And it was a sweet sweet victory to get All You Can Eat.

Next week, we'll do an hour of fishing to work on the guild feast achieve and then go to ICC10 to finish up the last LK achieve. Been Waiting a Long Time for This I suppose the name is rather appropriate.

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