Friday, April 15, 2011

Whale Shark!

We killed the Whale Shark. It happened a while ago actually. But still, Whale Shark dead!

It was really annoying to tank. See, the whale shark does roughly one million damage per hit. No, really, he hit Mornara for 900k only because her armor mitigated some of that damage. However, to balance this out he swims really slowly. And to balance that out he will drop threat if you're more than 20 yards away. Also, just for fun, his hit box is itty.

So I ended up swimming backwards in front of him on Mornara, but not too fast. And thumping the whale shark with all the ranged things I could think of. There were only about twelve of us, so it took a while to whittle him down, but it worked out.

In fact, a few days after Kuan and Mornara killed the giant annoying fish, Viljo and Eeyan did too. I wanted to beat Wian for suggesting that I tank again on Viljo, but it was actually a lot easier on Viljo that on Mornara. Viljo has a talent that lets him cast scorch while moving, so I just slowly swam in front scorching.

Its rather disturbing to see that mouth bearing down on you. Also, for scale, you can see Eeyan going stabby-stabby on the right side of the shark.

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