Sunday, April 24, 2011

Goblin Starting Area

I don't want to be spoileriffic, but the Goblin starting area is pretty excellent. It's rather ridiculous, but a lot of fun.

Basically you start out as the next up and coming Goblin boss. You've made some cool inventions and are making a name for yourself. This means that Gallywix is annoyed with you, and some people want your help and some people need impressing.

Of course it's such an excellent setup that it can't last. Deathwing has just got loose and is destructivizing. You've got to get off the starter island and then off the next island you find yourself on.

Eventually you have some unfortunate run-ins with the Alliance and then meet up with the Horde. A bunch more cool stuff happens, which is very spoileriffic. You've got to stop the Alliance and help the Horde so that you earn the Goblins a place in Kalimdor.

Kinda cool that my little Nivki went from fancy dress wearing socialite to bad-ass trick rider of wolves.

She does miss those shades though. They were bling.

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