Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm Here to Kill Dragons - Update

Tuesday night Darkfall ran our second guild 25-man. We had to pug some people, but there were 21 Darkfall guildies in the raid. We hit Blackwing Descent and, despite patch day woes, we killed Magmaw and the Trons. We had a few good attempts on Maloriak, but ran out of time due to earlier problems with the Trons activating in an entirely random order.

Our first guild 25man was in Bastion of Twilight on Sunday. We actually had only one pug then. I remain super pleased about that. And in true Darkfall fashion we did quite well on the bosses and absolutely noobed it up on the trash. We one shot Halfus, and 4-shot the dragon twins with a new strategy. But the trash in Bastion is brutally annoying. There isn't much space and the packs are very close together. Also after the gauntlet before the dragon twins we had a group that didn't reset to the right location. So there was a fair amount of confusion as to where the extra mobs were suddenly appearing from.

I think we still need to do more recruiting, but we're in pretty decent shape. It turns out that a bunch of the people we'd pugged in on Thursday, had been in a guild together. However, their guild leader quit WoW and disbanded the guild. So we ended up scooping up a bunch of new recruits. We also had a few people see my forum post and join from there too.

So, all considered, I'm pretty pleased with our progress towards full DF 25s. I just hope that our progress continues tonight, with good kills and less trash wipes in Bastion.

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