Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dark Animus Dead

Last Thursday night Darkfall headed into Throne of Thunder. Tuesday the raid had killed the first half of the bosses; everything including Ji-Kun. Thursday night we blasted through and handily killed both Durumu and Primordius. Then we cleared trash and went on to work on Dark Animus.

We hadn't actually pulled him at all previously. We'd killed Primordius, but run out of raid time before we got to Animus. Despite not having pulled Dark Animus at all we had time to kill him and then have a try on Iron Quon as well.

Dark Animus is a pretty fun fight. The hardest part was just getting the coordination down for all the annoying small animus golems. Those things barely tap you if there is one but practically smash you flat if there are two.

We pursued the strategy of getting the broken Large Animus filled first, with eachthe tanks' two little animus. Meanwhile the third large golem on the other side of the room was getting filled with two other small animus from melee. As soon as both my small animus were dead I grabbed one and brought it near a massive to be killed. That massive was brought to the center of the room and the remaining small animus were brought to it to be killed one at a time. Then the massive was fully filled up from broken small one before a broken small animus next to dark animus was punched and the Dark Animus was brought to life. The only mildly tricky part after we'd gotten through the initial grabbing of small animus was making sure everyone was ready for Interrupting Jolt.

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