Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pet Battle Quests

Once I got all those pet teams set up I considered that since they were already set up it wouldn't be too bad to set up even more teams. They were all named so I wouldn't forget what they were for. And as long as I kept naming teams it would continue to be manageable.

I decided to follow the advice at Press 5 to Capture about some close and easy to beat Master Tamers. For a while now I've been doing the Farmer Nishi daily pet battle quest. Its a nice chunk of pet XP and a chance at some sort of flawless battlestone. I added in teams for the Thundering Pandaren Spirit, Grand Master Aki, and the Beasts of Fable: Book 2. I have a carried pet to get XP for Thundering, Aki, and Lucky Yi, of the Beasts of Fable. But Greyhoof and Skitterer Xi hit too hard and give too little XP to make it worth it to carry a baby pet.

I also figured out a good third PvP pet team. I already had the big hits team with rocket and sandstorm. I also had the many dots that hit like trucks team, with turret and wild magic. I added a third team of lil'ragnaros and phoenix hatchling to set things on fire and then hit them really hard because they were burning, with a flying pet to take out any troublesome aquatic pets that showed up.

Then I just rotated through those three battle teams and absolutely cleaned up in the PvP battles. I ended up winning something like eight PvP pet battles in a row with level 25 pets. I'm not going to deny that I had a lot of luck on my side. There were at least two battles where my last pet standing dodged an attack that should have killed it and then managed to slaughter the other pet just in time to not get killed next round. There were also a few fights were a single pet of mine slaughtered their whole team. I wasn't surprised when the single victorious pet was my Anubisath Idol, but I was impressed when my phoenix hatchling laid the smack down on another team all by itself. I also feel kinda bad for the team that put up lightning storm when I had my clockwork gnome turret and corefire imp wild magic team out.

I could be imagining things, but I think it helps that I have three separate battle teams with different philosophies for each of them. You don't see who you are fighting, but you can see and recognize their pets. I ran into a couple of the same opposing teams, but they never fought one of my teams more than once. It's good when the enemy can't scout you effectively.

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Durandal said...

Found my (poor quality) minfernal ~2 minutes after zoning into felwood, significantly east of the pools.