Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Darkspear Rebellion: Orgrimmar

Orgrimmar is not a friendly place right now if you're not an orc. In fact Garrosh has made it a mighty uncomfortable place for anyone but the Kor'kron.

Gamon is getting pushed around.

But outside of Org is even worse.

The Darkspear are preparing for the assault, but any of them that got caught by Garrosh are facing the firing squad.

Garrosh is also being a dick to the goblins too. Really not that smart to piss off the people who have explosives.

I'm pretty disappointed to see Zaela outside Org. I really would expect her to not be on Garrosh's side as soon as she sees him with Sha affects.

Morn will be happy to go bitch slap Garrosh, but it's a bit sad to see the state the Org is in these days.

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