Monday, August 19, 2013

Dragon Soul: Madness of Deathwing Dialogue

You'd think that after being drilled through the CHEST with the Dragon Soul Deathwing would be dead. Sadly, you'd be wrong. Deathwing's front half emerges from the Maelstrom and if you don't stop him he'll beat up the Aspects.

Deathwing yells: You have done NOTHING. I will tear your world apart.

He rears up from the Maelstrom and puts one limb on each of the platforms. Forelegs in the two center ones and wings on the two side ones. They aren't really limbs anymore, more like big loopy tentacles. In fact, it seems that drilling him through the chest just made him harder to kill. The armor wasn't only there to defend him, but also to keep his Old God infected self from going all tentacle monster.

Depending on what order you deal with each limb you'll get a different set of talking from each dragon. Well you'll get the same set of talking on each platform with a slight flavor difference for each dragon aspect. On every platform Deathwing will start out by trying to assault with a giant tentacle the aspect of that platform. You need to kill the assault tentacle, then kill the elementium bolt, kill some blood, kill little tentacles that sprout from his limb twice, and then finally kill the big limb tentacle. Then you can move on to the next platform and repeat that whole shebang, but without the buff that the previous platform's aspect was giving you. With four platforms, it's a bit repetitive, and a pretty long fight.

Ysera yells: I will bring you closer to the Emerald Dream. Seek safety there when the fight becomes too intense.

Nozdormu yells: I will slow the Destroyer's attacks when I can.

Deathwing yells: Your armor means nothing, your faith even less.

Kalecgos yells: The Destroyer is gathering all his might for a blow that will split the world. Attack him, now! We must stop the final Cataclysm!

Deathwing yells: The sea will swallow your smoldering remains.
Ysera yells: Deathwing is conjuring the final Cataclysm; even the Emerald Dream trembles. If we are to stop the spell, we must attack him together.
Alexstraza yells: I will cleans whatever corruption I can; my fire will not harm you.

Once you beat down all Deathwing's limbs his head will fall forward. You can only hit it from Ysera's platform, which is where you originally parachuted down. The raid has a few small tentacles and some nasty Elementium Terrors to kill. Other than that just burn the big dragon head. If you're on heroic then every time he loses 5% of his health he'll also spawn some bloods that need to be killed before they reach and heal him.


Thrall yells: Press the attack, heroes.
Thrall yells: Don't give up! We are counting on you to push Deathwing back.

Ysera yells: Such rage I have never seen...
Thrall yells: Only you can give us our opening!

Kalecgos yells: Is he... coming apart?
Thrall yells: These champions are our only hope for exposing Deathwing's weakness. Together, we can prevail.

Once you finally kill Deathwing you can get one of several dialogues. The different remaining aspects each can say something when they use the Dragon Soul to kill Deathwing for good this time.

Thrall yells: Aspects! Aid the heroes as best you can.
Nozdormu yells: It is time. I will expend everything to bind every thread here, now, around the Dragon Soul. What comes to pass will NEVER be undone.

Kalecgos yells: I will realign the flow of mana and fill the Dragon Soul with all my arcane might.

Alexstraza yells: Excellent work. The fire of my heart glows with a brilliant purity unmatched; every spark of it I will channel into the Dragon Soul.

Now that the Dragon Soul has all the Aspects' power bound into it Thrall can use it to explode Deathwing into nothingness. And then you get the sappy cutscene with Aggra being preggers and suddenly it being the players jobs to stop all the bad shit that happens to Azeroth. I really wonder about the dragon aspects sometimes. What did they think that we were doing just then?

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