Sunday, August 25, 2013

Honorary Brewmaster's Keg

Kuan and Morn have been working on achievements here and there. We are currently first and second ranked in Darkfall. (Edit from draNgNon:  Morn is first if you count account-wide achievements, Kuan is first if you count per-character.)  I generally work on Pet Battles while Kuan focuses more on Archaeology. However we work together on scenarios and dungeon achieves. Recently we finished the last few scenario achieves for the Pub Crawl meta. The reward for this was yet another thing to take up bag space: the Honorary Brewmaster Keg.

It actually looks pretty cool, and, amazingly, goes with Morn's Scourgeborne transmog.

Kuan balances his keg on his shield, which looks a little unbalanced.  Here he is consulting with Brewmaster Roland in Shrine of Two Moons about care and keeping of his brewmaster keg.

The last achieve we needed was Monkey See, Monkey Kill. It was a bit annoying to have to rerun until we got all of the different bosses, but not hard just time consuming.

Once you get the meta achieve Mama Stormstout sends you a congratulatory mail.

Thanks for all your hard work crafting some of the finest brews we've ever had!

As a token of our appreciation, the other brewmasters and I have decided to give you this Honorary Brewmaster Keg.


-Mama Stormstout

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