Friday, August 16, 2013

Iron Qon and Twin Consorts dead

Darkfall had a nice week of raiding this week. We are kind of in the middle of changing up our raid nights. So we had a raid on Wednesday from 10 to midnight server. We kept our usual times on Tuesday and Thursday, but the raid didn't actually start up until 9:30 because of various people being late. Regrettably DraNgNon and I were some of those people on Thursday.

Anway, on Tuesday we smashed through the first seven bosses. Morn won Bo-Ris, Horror in the Night from a coin when we killed Horridon. Sadly Durumu didn't drop his awesome tanking ring, either generally or when I used a coin.

Wednesday I was expecting to pick up after Durumu and kill all the things so that we'd get some tries on Iron Qon. We did handily kill Primordius, but then we had a series of annoying wipes on Dark Animus. We didn't have the same group as when we first killed it so the new person had to learn the fight. Apparently both the new person and old people had trouble with the concept of don't dps the adds until it is your turn. I was boggling a bit, though I will say that no one made the same mistake twice. We did kill Animus in time to get a pull or two in on Iron Qon, so we had a chance to see the wind phase, and lament the lack of a warlock for portals. Morn was lucky enough to be top on EP/GP when the Dark Animus dropped the DK chest token.

Thursday we came in and kicked ass.

Iron Qon we had a miraculous kill on our third or fourth pull of the night. I was expecting a long slow wipe when both healers went down near the start of the wind phase. I used Raise Ally on the first one to die, but could only be sad when the other one died moments later. However, in the spirit of learning the fight we kept going. It really seems to be the case that once you're through the wind phase it's not so bad a fight. I admit that the last phase was a bit hairy. If we'd not had two shaman and a druid to cast off spec heals we'd have died horribly during Qon's ground pounding. I'm pretty sure that we just squeaked out a kill before the next round of AoE that would have wiped us all.

Twin Consorts was pretty trivial. The fight is quite similar to LFR, just with harder hitting abilities and slightly more crap to avoid. Our dps warrior was detailed to run the patterns, mostly because he'd tried it a few times on LFR and also had heroic leap to get into position quickly without running through all the aoe. It actually took us two tries to kill her. The first time we pulled while our frost DK was offline with router issues. Despite that we almost killed them before the berserk, but there was a little bit of confusion about what was happening in the dusk phase. Once our frost DK got his router back in order we came back and handily collected loot.

Then we had a bit of time left over to work on Lei Shen. We had two or three pulls on him. As I was expecting we can use a bit of work on the phases, but mostly we have them down. The hard part of course is the intermissions. Needing to have two platforms that only have two people on them is rough. We'll get him next week though.

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