Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pet Battle Team OCD

A while ago I started going a bit OCD with the BattlePetTeams. It's a really handy addon that lets you set up preset teams. You can select the pets and their abilities and use them on multiple characters. I set up a whole lot of teams for leveling and fighting the master pet tamers on each continent.

But then I forgot what all the teams were for.

So over the past couple of weeks I've been naming all the teams that I remember. I got down from twenty-ish random unnamed teams to about 5 named teams. One for killing the Darkmoon master tamer's team, three for leveling pets, and a fifth for fighting Farmer Nishi every day in Valley of Four Winds.

Then I decided that I wanted to have teams for my PvP efforts. So I've got my two actually successful PvP battle teams set up in their named teams. And I've also got a couple of trial teams where I'm trying out combos of pets and abilities to see what works or, most often, what dies horribly.

I've also got a bunch of teams for characters to quickly swap to when they are in cities or out questing or whatnot. I've got a lowbie city team, which is made of all pets below level 5 and swaps out pets speedily as they level past getting XP from critters in the capital cities. I've got a medium XP team, with pets that are all level 10-ish, so that characters wandering in the wild can get xp when they run into a pet they can fight. I've got a medium leveling team, which has a couple or 25s and a pet between 11 and 19 who is there for the XP when I've got a character in Outland or Northrend.

I've also got a pet team that I call Minfernal Net. It consists of a pet between 4 and 10, my Kun-lai Runt, and the Terrible Turnip. Whatever character is in Felwood has this team out. The lowbie pet and Kun-lai Runt are there to kill whatever random pet I run across. The Terrible Turnip is there only in case I ever actually see a Minfernal, so that Weakening Blow doesn't accidentally kill it.

I'm sure I'll set up even more pet battle teams, but at least if I name them I'll remember what to use them for.


Durandal said...

Welcome to World of Pokemon. :P

Clara said...

Hah! I've been doing the pet battles for a while now. And while I've never actually played Pokemon I'm having tons of fun with WoW pet battles.