Friday, August 23, 2013

Farmer Nishi

For a lot of the Master Tamers in Pandaria I have preset teams. These teams I try to set up so that two level 25 pets can carry a smaller pet and get it a big chunk of XP while I still get the sack of pet supplies.

However, Farmer Nishi is so easy that I only bring one level 25 pet. That way I can bring two really low level pets. It's the same amount of XP split between them, but for many of the other Grand Master Tamers the lowbie pet needs to be able to survive a hit of 600+ and so you can only bring medium sized pets. The way I do it I can easily bring a level 3 or 4 pet, or a level 2 if it's a magic pet, to fight Farmer Nishi.

The key to my strategy is the Sea Pony, but any water strider type pet would do. I set the Sea Pony up with Tidal Wave, Cleansing Rain, and Pump. The key is to realize that Farmer Nishi has one super lame pet and two pets that can be hard to kill. Fortunately Farmer Nishi puts the Sunflower (lame pet) out first. All that pet ever does is cast Sunlight, and self heal.

I start the fight leading off with one of the baby pets and then swap to the second, making sure each of them tries to hit the sunflower. Fortunately it doesn't matter if they hit or miss, as long as they try, they'll still get XP. They I swap in the Sea Pony and go with Cleansing Rain, Pump and then Tidal Wave. Keep hitting Tidal Wave until Cleansing Rain is off CD and then use that again. Then recommence with Tidal Wave. When there are 2 turns left on the counter for the rainy weather do another Cleansing Rain. After that just keep going with the Tidal Wave and recast Cleansing Rain at 2 turns left. You'll wear down the back pets well before the front pet dies. Once both of the backline pets are dead cast pump a second time to finish off the front pet.

A few things to note.

Sunlight will hit for roughly 170 on most pets, but your Cleansing Rain doesn't heal for quite that much, so bring a pet with at least 200hp. If you bring a mechanical pet make sure it has more health; it will take extra damage from Sunlight.

My Sea Pony is slower than Farmer Nishi's sunflower so that means that I recast Rain on the same turn and right after sunlight. If you have a water strider that is faster than the sunflower you will want to wait another round to cast rain, so your weather doesn't get overwritten.

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