Sunday, May 24, 2009

80! redux

Eeyan and Teltanara hit 80 Thursday night doing quests out of the Grommarsh Crash Site. Telt hit it first, but I saw Eeyan had several quest turn ins to go. The quests were about 20K xp each, so when he had 3 turnins and about 49K xp to go, I thought I had it nailed.

I got to the last quest, which was talk to the shaman at the quest hub about Brann Bronzebeard's communicator and trying to speak to a dwarf, and lined everything up to get like a spiffy screenshot. And - fizzle. The quest was only worth 2200 xp!!! Bah.

The shaman sent us to go kill air eles. I glanced at the map to see that right next to it was a blank spot! I thought, o wow, I can fly over there and hit 80 on discovery and get this great screenshot of Eeyan hitting 80 in the air.

So we flew over there. Eeyan hit 80 in the air. Unfortunately, he also hit the side of a mountain. The screenshot... it's his translucent left foot. I hardly ever throw them out, but I'd throw this one out, if it weren't for the ding.

why do I always wreck the screenshots when it's something exciting

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