Monday, May 25, 2009

the undead and the taunka

So I am working a lot this weekend. That has interfered with my plans for both real like and Wow, as I really was hoping to have Aurochh to 50, finally, and sell boatloads of scroll with enchants over the 3day weekend.

Ah well, I am instead cleaning the backlog of screenshots that have cluttered up my desktop space. It's served to remind me how damned slow we have been about leveling our alts, OMG!!! But I just realized I've caught some of the weird discrepancy that comes from being a Forsaken dealing with the Northrend natives, the uncorrupted Vyrkul and the Taunka especially, but also the trolls...

They really just do not like the undead. Especially considering that Death Knights add an undead dimension to every race, I really think Blizzard should have spent the extra few person days to fix this sort of quest text...

This shot was from last Christmas. Now obviously from recent entries in this blog, I've been playing Eeyan more, lately, so I've been seeing it more lately, and haven't thought to take screencaps of it. But I do know that with the Blood Elves in Outland, they did actually bother to take the time to spell out different quest text, and I bet they did with the Dranei too. They should have done it for Forsaken in Northrend too.

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