Sunday, May 17, 2009

Screenshot or It Didn't Happen

We hopped into a Naxx25 pug tonight even though I'm not supposed to be raiding this week. I figure if work calls/pages me, I can bail on a pug.

Anyhow the raid wanted to do the hard part first and so Patchwerk it was. He dropped [Totem of Hex], yay! That piece of gear was all it took for Kuan to get the Superior achievement. And it drove his DPS up by a lot - he now has +165 on something he casts at least every 2 seconds instead of +110 on something he casts at most every 8.

Not that Kuan needs it anymore. He did roughly 4160dps against Patch.

No really. 4160dps. I credit Event Horizon, which is above the partly list in my UI.

It's unfortunate that the raid did not continue so well. They decided that on Gluth it should be mages kiting, and Kuan putting the Earthbind totem. But Kuan's totem now roots, so it was hard for the mages to gather the Zombie Chow together, and we would wipe. Once they had plate weared with threat talents kiting, all was well.

After that it was several tries per boss, and it dragged on and on and got called after only clearing 3 quarters. Maybe we'll finish it tomorrow.

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