Thursday, May 28, 2009

Deterrence FTW

DraNgNon and I managed to get home from work early tonight. Early enough to make the 7:30 raid. This is good because it's important to make a good impression. And showing up for a raid you signed up for is rather important, on your first day in the new guild.

Anyway, the short version is that Deterrence is a pretty kickass guild. It was their first official 25man run and we pretty much kicked butt.

First to die was Malygos. I'm rather glad we killed him first. It took us four tries to get coordinated enough to kill him. And about 5 people in the raid got the 25man achievement for killing him, including Kuan and Viljo.

After Maly was dead we headed over to Ulduar. The first boss, Flame Leviathan, is so very hectic and confusing. But we were both seige engine gunners so we just pounded away at the boss. It was actually quite strange not to have to worry about moving or anything like that. I just plinked away at the boss. And when I say plinked I mean fired boulders at. :D

Then we killed XT-002 and Kologarn. XT2 took us 2 tries since the tank died right off the bat on our first attempt. But the 2nd attempt went not smoothly, but well. Kologarn was actually pretty easy. It was our guilds first attempt on him on 25man, but we one-shotted it. :D Next raid, on Saturday, will see the harder bosses of Ulduar25 attempted.

So the move to Deterrence was definitely a good one. I'm quite pleased with them so far. It's been fun and I like their attitude about raiding. The officers are so old school: there is no looting allowed at all until everyone is resed. And they are good about making sure that everyone has food/flask and other buffs. I really like that people show up repaired, supplied, and on time.

I still need to talk to Swaye, the mage go-GL, about Viljo's spec and gear. I'm not too worried about it. He seems like a pretty decent guy and I'm sure he will have good pointers for me.

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