Sunday, May 10, 2009

Capital City Raiding

Last night Kuan and Viljo went with a full 40 man raid to kill the Alliance Leaders. We were partially successful. Varian, Tyrande, and Velen all died quite easily. However when we went back to go after Magni Bronzebeard we ran into opposition. It's rather annoying how it really doesn't take all that many defenders to knock out a 40 man raid, especially when the leader is whaling away at you all. :( We waited around a bunch but the Alliance did too. :( Ah well, another day.

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draNgNon said...

If it was set up like a real raid it would have been fine. What is happening is they want it to be an easy kill and are not planning to deal with the defenders. If we instead organized the 40 man raid properly and thought of defenders as "adds" and assigned some DPS melee as "adds tanks" (why? becuase much as you would like to, in PVP, you can't just ignore a DPS melee attacking you) and just one mage and lock to create AoE mayhem and group healers then it would all be good.

or rather, unstoppable.