Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Achievements

Over the past week or so Viljo hasn't done a whole lot. He gave the /love to the last few critters he needed for All the squirrels I've loved before and All the squirrels who shared my life. Parrot and Lava crab, respectively.

The other achievement that I tried to get was Sarth +3 drakes. Kuan and Viljo were randomly asked to go to a 10man zerg attempt of Sarth +3. I was actually quite surprised that they thought Viljo's gear good enough for that. The dps reqs are very high. But apparently Hellshot suggested both Kuan and Viljo. I'll have to remember do do something nice for him.

Anyway, Sarth +3 was a wipefest, though we did make decent progress. About half the time we could get Sarth down to about 30% or lower before adds or the warlock pulling aggro wiped us. It was actually pretty impressive. But we were just missing some coordination.

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