Saturday, May 9, 2009

Reputations and Chaos Theory

Since Eeyan is big enough to run the endgame 5mans, and big enough to pick up the normal dungeon dailies, I decided he should be wearing a faction tabard. The one to go with for DPS melee is Ebon Hold so last night it was time to secure enough reputation to get the tabard.

The first order of business was to get to Ogrim's Hammer. After talking to the orc on Krasus' Landing in Dalaran they kindly sent Eeyan directly there in a mechanical flyer. Well, almost directly. Anyhow, Eeyan likes mechanical flyers. He hasn't forgotten he started out as an engineer.

Once there, Koltira sent him down to secure the Shadow Vault. It took longer than we would expect, as Teltanara came along, and so Eeyan was stealthing about picking pockets so she could get her own copy of Forbidden Love. But, we secured the Shadow Vault, Eeyan got his tabard, and Telt got her novel.

While this was happening a prot pally guildie was all "does anyone want to run something?" "why does nobody want to do anything?" "do you want to run vault or something?" I said "mebbe" to that last and he got all insistent, "yes or no," which I was disinclined to answer and which made me think he was young. But he did get heals and another DPS for Heroic Nexus so we decided we'd bring Kuan and Viljo.

We logged over, I cleared some bag slots for Kuan, and started flying to Coldarra. While in the air, he said "brb" and logged. We got there, and still no tank. 10 minutes later we replaced him and ran the instance.

The new tank was also a prot pally. He was pretty fun. He wanted to try Chaos Theory and since 4 of us didn't have it we were game. I'm an idiot for not screenshotting it. But we basically cleared all around Anomalus before starting and kited him all over the place. Good thing he's not leashed at all. There were so many rifts shooting lighting at us from everywhere it is certainly an aptly named achievement. But we did it... the druid healer really had his act together, nobody died and I only cast two heals during the entire thing.

Afterwards our tank wanted to run Utgarde Pinnacle. It was late, but sure. Our third DPS was a mage and he dropped out to deal with dailies and we replaced him with a ret pally. That was a very smooth run - Kuan took 0 gear damage - and even Skadi was dealt with - with two pallies that wasn't much of a problem. Somewhere in there Viljo got Winds of the North.

O yah. Our pally guildie who wanted to run something? Never did log back in. Sorta embarrassing, we'll remember that next time he's all "Why doesn't anyone want to run something?"

Anyhow, after all that, Kuan will hit Exalted with Kirin Tor today sometime. That's the last dungeon rep for him. I suppose it's appropriate that now Eeyan has to wear a faction tabard.

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Wendy said...

Oh man. Clearly I have some catching up to do with you two.

Good thing I am going to get a new laptop this week (quite probably tonight)...