Friday, May 8, 2009


I am pleased to report that Clara and I have met pretty much all our goals for Children's Week! The hardest were left til the last minute last night: Getting Patron title on Kuanchichi and Viljo, and getting the entire set of Shattrath children's quests done on poor level-61 Tylara and Kairon.

We decided the title on Kuan and Viljo was more important, and set about to assault some towers in Alterac Valley. It appears that since the 3.1 patch, AV tactics have drastically changed! Instead of a race to the rather difficult-to-kill Van, we are now trying to outlast the other side, resource-wise. In otherwords, everyone after the towers and a massive brute-force battle. This makes me happy as I really love that.

Our particular battle went as long as these things can, and was mostly fought at Frostwolf. Of course given these conditions getting the tower assault in for the Children's Week PvP achievement was trivial. But the drawn-out brute force battle meant Kuan finally got Damage Control, ending the battle with something like 660k damage and 180k healing. We ended up losing the battle by running out of resources when Alliance still had 25 left. Viljo did more than a million damage, too.

Then, it was time for Warsong Gulch. Clara hates Warsong Gulch. But there it was, and we needed to recap a flag. So Kuan and Viljo got to go on D. Now Kuan has Storm Earth and Fire and I was pretty interested in trying its new root-capability out when on D. So I hid (sort of) and waited. And was too slow on the uptake and we got totally pwned 3-0 in the first try.

We had time for one more try and decided we'd do it again. This was a better group: 4 shamans and 2 druids. I hid again sort of and waited. Their priest would come, sheild, grab the flag. I'd root, run in front as Viljo did the arcane missiles of doom, and then I'd Thunderstorm the carrier back into our room. They dropped the flag and Boom! Patron Kuanchichi. Boom! Druid flag cap. Lather, rinse, repeat, Patron Viljo; lather, rinse, repeat, we won, 3-0.

...Clara doesn't hate Warsong quite as much anymore.

But then, it was 11:38pm. And Tylara and Kairon needed to visit Throne of the Elements with their Orphan! We logged over, had them eat, and it was Race of the Epic mounts across northern Nagrand. Wheee, we made it! Ran to Garadar, portal to Silvermoon, hearth, then portal to Orgrimmar and the long flight to Caverns of Time. We watched it turn midnight whilst in flight. O noes, will we still be able to complete the quests? Down to visit the dragon we went, and then it was tiem to turn in! And our hearths were of course still down.

Viljo to the rescue? Clara killed her game, then logged in Viljo and I added him to our group. He gave us a port to Shatt, and then she killed her game again and Kairon, who was still in the same party, coudl use the portal! And even though we were 10 minutes late, we still got to turn in and Tylara now has Peanut.

After that, we visited the orphanage. It's so cute! There are all little babies there in swaddling clothes. A couple gnome babies and trolls, a Tauren and a night elf. Funny, there aren't any undead ones.

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