Saturday, May 2, 2009

Children's Week has started!

We were in Heroic Halls of Lightning when midnight, 1 May, struck. 5 minutes later guildies started dinging with Children's Week achievments. Ah well, we were in HoL.

Our 5man had wanted to run multiple heroics, so after we got out of HoL we all picked up an Orcish Orphan from Orgrimmar and then headed back into Utgarde Pinnacle to get the Hail to the king, Baby achievement.

Clara and I decided we will get whatever we can for Children's Week on all four pairs of toons, and since today was rainy weather we sank quite a bit of time into advancing that goal. I think we will get all the quests except on Tylara and Kairon. I am not so sure about the PvP achievement, those will probably just be Kuan and Viljo.

But - much to guildie annoyance - Kuan and Viljo did both get the Veteran Nanny achievement. :-)

Speaking of Kuan, I'm really doing the quests in order to push the counter closer to the 3000-quest Seeker title. As a side effect, the Children's Week all-Horde rep rewards have pushed him into Revered with Silvermoon City. Pretty amazing considering how much I tend to avoid BE quests with him. But since he's Exalted with the rest of Horde, all the other quests that reward Horde rep (i.e. the Argent Tournament stuff, which deserves its own post) are starting to build up his BE rep as well.

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